1.12: Grumble Grumble


Almost there. I’m currently stood at the entrance of the ninth and final dungeon, Death Mountain. I have full health, a red potion and as many bombs as I can carry. I’m ready.

The Demon and The Lion, the seventh and eighth dungeons in the game, are a bit of a blur now. Increasingly intricate, they’re stuffed with unmarked, bombable walls, rooms full of those bloody Wizzrobes and Darknuts and, in the case of The Demon, one really frustrating puzzle.

Solving this puzzle without a guide, luck, or some clever lateral thinking just isn’t possible. Or maybe I’m just thick. Halfway through the dungeon, you enter a dark room containing a friendly Goriya who just says “grumble grumble”. You can’t progress past it and there’s no alternative route. You have to convince it to let you pass. But how?

Turns out, the solution is to leave the dungeon entirely, travel a notable distance across the map, buy some meat from a shop and return to offer it to the Goriya. I’m not sure there’s a hint for this anywhere in the game. The grumble grumble is supposed to indicate that it’s hungry! I thought it was just grumpy. Oops.

It is, I think, the first time I’ve been asked to leave the dungeon and return in order to progress. And it’s certainly the first time I’ve had to do anything meaningful with the meat. Like I said before, I love the idea of a game containing puzzles like this, but the execution – by today’s standards – is a bit wonky.

The bosses of The Demon and The Lion were far less frustrating. Pretty much all of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda have been quite easy, really. These two were just repeats of previous bosses from previous dungeons. For all the invention of the game itself, the bid bads are lacking something. I wonder if Gannon will put up more of a fight?

I’ll find out soon. Onwards.

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