2.06: Boss Keys


You know when you have what you think is a really good idea, then you discover that somebody is doing something similar and much better? Well…

Mark Brown’s Boss Keys is a series of video essays dedicated to analysing the dungeon design in the Zelda series, game by game. I’ve chucked the vid he produced on A Link to the Past below. It’s brilliant.

I had watched a bunch of Mark’s videos in the Game Maker’s Toolkit series, but had no idea he was doing this. The discovery is a delight. Mark is able to look at a game from a design perspective, spot stuff most of us would completely miss, then express his thoughts on it in a super informed mega easy to follow way. You have to watch them.

Of course, his quest is quite different from mine. While Mark’s approach is analytical, mine’s a journey of discovery. I haven’t played these games before, I’ve no expertise to share, I’m not only writing about the dungeons, and I’m just enjoying writing my thoughts as they occur. But either way: damn him for being so good!

You can check out all of the vids in the Boss Keys series here and if you like what you see, why not chuck him a few quid via Patreon. He deserves it.